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News Data Analysis and Power BI

Data Analysis and Power BI

Data Analysis and Power BI November 29, 2021Leave a comment

Data analysis is the process of evaluating data using analytical or statistical tools to discover useful information. Some of these tools are Power BI, Advanced Microsoft Excel and other programming languages like R or Python; to mention but a few. Its is more of inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information that enables one make informative decisions.


Power BI is an analytics tool that provided interactive visualizations and enables users to create their own dashboards to represent the progress of different business adventures. It has ability import data from a wide range of data sources and also offer connectivity to data files like SQL server databases, online services, Microsoft Excel etc. this means that despite the location of your business data, Power BI has the ability to quickly and easily retrieve the data and get it ready for analysis through various transformations in the query engine.


Does my small business require data analysis?

Yes, it does.

Data analysis cuts across all business adventures be it “small” or “big”. Every business owner deserves a chance to monitor the progress of his or her business because there is a clear difference between having data and information that helps you make informative business decisions. The latter ensures business growth which is a basic need for every business owner

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