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About Us

Business success using Data Analysis.


At Task Managers we believe that technology should be harnessed to foster the success of your enterprise.

Task Managers Limited is a team of the best Data Analysts, Business Intelligence Specialists and Consultants, Data Scientists, Programmers, Implementers and Certified Trainers with over 40 years of combined experience working on Data Analytics Consulting, Building Business Intelligence Systems, Training in Advanced Microsoft Excel, Training in Power BI, Implementing Microsoft Power Platform – Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents.

We have extended our services to several businesses, organizations, and individuals across major industries, notably, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Government, Non-Profit organizations, Health, Education, Finance and Banking, Trade and Business, Telecommunication, Energy majorly in the Africa Market.

We operate mainly in the African market with our main office located in Kampala, Uganda.

Our Vision & Mission

To Make Business and Organizational Reporting seamless, insightful and possible for every business professional.

Our mission is to help individuals, managers, business owners and organizations understand why and how to adopt a Data driven culture analyze Data and get useful information for decision making

We help Businesses in using Excel and Power BI to use available data to get insight for better planning in line with the organization strategic plan, to build reports faster and smarter.

We are a team of the best trainers in Advanced Microsoft Excel, Power BI in East Africa. We offer hands on training that is interactive to enable business leaders, managers, decision makers and their staff to understand how to extract data from their Databases, systems, multiple spreadsheets and analyze it, transform huge data sets into clear summary reports, get insights, eliminate guesswork, and make accurate and timely business decisions.

Our training encompasses all aspects of business and we focus on providing skills to professionals involved in any form of decision making.

Our Non-Negotiables

  • Efficiency: We believe in delivery of value, freeing up resources with little or no waste of time or materials.
  • Consistent- marked by harmony, reliability, and steady continuous improvement.
  • We are Customer focused.
  • We are Service oriented: Empathy is at the Centre of our operations.
  • Excellency: We believe in delivering above per.
  • Data Integrity: We hold customers information with a high level of ethical standards.
Over 40 years combined experience in finding the knucks and knocks in Data.
A young, enthusiastic team are always here to help.
Our Data analysts ensure you get the optimum results.

How We Impact & Deliver Value To Your Organization

  1. We deliver value by simplifying, freeing up resources and cutting down on man hours spent manually creating reports. Through our simplification and automation of reporting, we enable organisations to re-allocate the freed resources to other critical business tasks.
  2. We enable business owners to know real time business performance hence build
    sustainable businesses. Unlike financial reporting which gives historical business reporting, we enable access to real time business performance and analysis but also prediction and forecasting.

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