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The health sector generates a lot of data through daily medical and non-medical activities and transactions which if effectively analysed, insights generated and deployed can transform an organization significantly into a sustainable and efficient entity. However, International Data Corporation (IDC)research shows that with the rollout of Electronic Health Records (EHR), health facilities worldwide utilize less than 10% of the data that is collected, with DATACON ranking of 2.4 against a total maximum score of 5 against the parameters of as result of challenges related to human capability, investment, data management, utilization, and monetization. Yet it is projected that the Health care data will grow at compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36 percent through 2025.
With such revelations, at Task Managers, we take a wholistic approach in resolving the issues related to data analytics, putting leadership and human capability at the core of intervention. This approach ensures that the leaders are equipped with the necessary insights, tools and capability to generate data value for the health care sector.
We provide a wholistic solution that focuses on strategic business partnership, encompassing leadership development, Data capture, research, Reports generation, and inhouse capability development. Our vast experience in leadership development and using Advanced Microsoft Excel and Power BI for Analytics guarantees you of exceptional services.

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